Maine Seafood Alliance, representing and advocating for all aspects of the Maine seafood industry.

Maine Seafood Alliance - Representing Maine's Shellfish Industry

Maine Seafood Alliance (MSA) was formed in 2005 to represent and
advocate for all aspects of the seafood industry in Maine, with special emphasis on shellfish. By partnering with state and local governments, MSA's goals include establishing Maine as a leader in the shellfish industry, with the highest standards of quality and consumer safety.

Have Your Voice Heard and Stay Informed

If you are involved in the harvesting, processing, or selling of shellfish
and seafood from the waters of the state of Maine, your future depends on having a unified voice in determining the future well-being of this important segment of our heritage and economy. MSA has established a strong working relationship with the Department of Marine Resources.

Establish Maine as a Leader in the Shellfish Industry

One of Maine's greatest natural resources is the sea. Good stewardship of
this valuable resource is for the benefit of future generations and the Maine shellfish industry as a whole. High standards of quality and safety will bring increased recognition to the Maine seafood brand.

MSA Membership Includes the Following Representation:

  • Individual Harvesters
  • Certified Seafood Dealers and Processors
  • Non-Certified Seafood Dealers
  • Contributing Members or Affiliate Groups
  • Associate Members - Other businesses, organizations, or individuals.

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